Saturday musings

What a strange week it has been! Cold, warm, misty, drizzly, and windy. Very, very windy. But, oh, that light! If you can’t find spring anywhere in our gray and damp Cape Cod landscape, just enjoy the light.

For me, it’s been a week of busy days. Planning for summer and fall programs already, getting settled in my new job at the Cape Cod Maritime Museum and writing, lots of writing.

My April Vacation programs are now listed online and open for registration.

Many of you know I’m finishing up my dummy for a picture book. I am hoping that will go out to a few publishers next week. I am also finishing a draft of a middle grade novel and hope to work on a final draft over the summer so I can send it out early in the fall to agents.

In the meantime I am writing my weekly columns, which I still love all these years later. I am also writing features and reviews for the Barnstable Patriot almost every week. This week I am adding the links to some of those below.

My Nature’s Way column for this week can be found at

My Weekly Nature Watch column is here

There’s a fabulous new show at the Cahoon Museum of American Art

Nancy Rubin Stuart will be reading from her latest manuscript at the Hyannis Public Library next Wednesday

The Cape Cod Synagogue will be hosting a Kosher Deli Dinner and Dance

Science on the Street and Nature’s Ways

Happy weekend! I spent yesterday at the Science on the Street event held by the STEM Network at the Cape Cod Community College. What a fun day! Hundreds of families came through and I have to say it was very satisfying and encouraging to see so many young people, boys and girls alike, really enthused about science.Many organizations were there, each with a project that the kids could really get into physically as well as mentally. At our table for the Cape Cod Maritime Museum we had a buoyancy experiment and then we made our own tiny boats to see if they would float. We added different weights to them and some sank, as might be expected. No fear in these kids, though. They just made a better, stronger boat. My assistant had fun teaching the kids how to make an origami boat, an interesting challenge that involves geometry.

In other news, my Nature’s Ways earned a Top Story spot online on Wicked Local this week. Here’s a link to check it out

My Weekly Nature Watch column can be accessed here–and there’s a portrait of Arlo as a bonus

This happened to be one of my three column weeks as my Neighborhood Nature column appeared in the Barnstable Patriot. People ask me all the time if I write the same column for all three and the answer is….of course not!

As I write this the wind is blowing and snow is supposed to stop by for what is hopefully its last visit this season.

Tomorrow? SPRING!!!! Woohooooooo!


My Nature Columns for this Week

For those that don’t have regular access to my columns, here are the links to this week’s offerings. You might have to sign in but they won’t harass you.

Here’s my Weekly Nature Watch column from the Falmouth Enterprise. It’s also in the Bourne, Mashpee and Sandwich Enterprise.

From the Cape Codder and The Register here is my Nature’s Ways column


Let the kids loose….

This post was originally published in the Cape Codder on August 10, 2012 as my column, Nature’s Ways. It has been a popular column so I am reprinting it here for readers who do not get the Cape Codder (since it is not available online)

Gather any group of folks of a certain age and at some point in the conversation the point will be made that when we were young our parents sent us out for the day and told us to come home when the street lights came on. Some had a bell to listen for, some had a lesson to be home for but mostly, we ran pretty freely through our neighborhoods, the woods, the fields and around the ponds. It doesn’t take long for these same groups to lament the lack of freedom today’s kids have accompanied by a lot of head shaking and making of concerned faces but no solutions are really offered. Everyone just agrees that the world has changed, alas….. Continue reading