Golden November

There’s something special about November’s light….even when reflected on a wild tankless of bittersweet.


Or in the trees



It is even lovely out the kitchen window


Soon enough it will look like this


After the storm

All weekend long it blew and blew. It rained, it poured and it drizzled. Roads flooded, yards flooded and trees blew down. Power went out. November asserted herself.

And then the next day, the sun shone….


We went for a drive down Cape and stopped at Fort Hill


And over to Coast Guard Beach and Nauset Light Beach where we saw seals and hundreds of gulls and gannets.





As the sun lowered itself closer to the horizon we went to First Encounter Beach where everything had a golden hue.





We saw a late rose and the moon rise over some trees



We saw hundreds and hundreds of ducks fly into the bay as the sun set


And bid the sun farewell


Happy November!

Well, I haven’t posted much in October, mostly because October was a whirlwind, crazy busy month for me. I taught art and nature classes all over the Cape, had an exhibit at Barnstable Town Hall and wrote a whole lot of columns and reviews. Yep, it was a busy month.

I worked with Project Life classes through the Thornton Burgess Society in Sandwich, Bourne and Mashpee….

032taught kids how to pick up crabs without getting pinched…

033taught a little painting to adults, too….at Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary but also did a little painting of my own…002

We had a little reunion with former students–all the ladies but me are in their 80s and one is in her 90s! I’ve known most of these ladies as students since 1980 and we’ve all become great friends. One moved to New Mexico 10 years ago but came to see us this fall….2011 etsy christmas cards 025

We had a great 5 week session of fall Sandy Neck Junior Rangers…011

and of course, the always energetic and photogenic Arlo was happy to join me walking along the canal on some of the best fall days….147




September’s amazing light…

I love September on the Cape as do many others. The temperature and humidity are much closer to my general comfort zone and the crowds have eased up a bit. More than anything, though, I love the light…

There’s the light that sneaks out beneath the velvety purple and gray clouds…

the interplay between softness and drama….

the contrast between the possibility of sun and the certainty of rain…

often all happening in mere moments across the landscape…

colors are intensified…

changing minute by minute…until….

the first signs of a rainbow appear…

and a second one appears above it…

and it fills the sky…

all that amazing light in one September day…