Colorful Watercolor Songbird Notecards, Set of 4

So many of our little bird friends are dressed for camouflage that it is fun to see ones that are boldly colored and marked. A little color will brighten anyone’s day and who wouldn’t love a cheerful robin or colorful painted bunting? These cards are meant for greeting but the images will probably grace the mantle or bedside table a lot longer.

These lovely notecards are printed from some of my original watercolors of birds I love. I started this series a few years back and there are several different sets on the site to choose from. This set features a rose breasted grosbeak, a robin, a red bellied woodpecker and a painted bunting. Cards are printed on nice card stock, are blank inside and are a standard 4.25 x 5.5″ and come with nice white envelopes.

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