Getting off the Cape

I love the Cape. I grew up here, raised my kids here and of course, live here still. And as much as I love the Cape sometimes I just have to go over the bridge into the city. Yep. That’s right. Country girl has to have a bit of city now and then. After college I lived in Manhattan for a few years and loved it. I found I spent most of my spare time in the parks, though, so when I came back to the Cape I decided to stay here and visit the city.

I love lots of cities. I love Boston, New York, Chicago and San Francisco. I love London, Paris and Amsterdam, too. In fact I have yet to meet a city I haven’t been able to love. What do I love? The energy, the diversity, the hubbub and the youth. There’s something going on every minute and sometimes I need to get myself some of that. I spend a lot of time working by myself and a lot of time out in nature. Sometimes I need the lights and noises and even the smells of the city.

So, we went to Boston.

2014 Boston etc 064I love that you can see things like these light sculptures just walking along the street.

2014 Boston etc 053Or just wander into the oldest cemetary in Boston….and find the grave of Paul Revere and John Hancock among others…

2014 Boston etc 066I love the lights against the buildings and the sunsets….

2014 Boston etc 082and the bright light of a sunny early spring day.

2014 Boston etc 062I love happening upon wonderful independent bookstores…

2014 Boston etc 081and happening into a historic church to find a choir of wonderfully talented young people singing…

2014 Boston etc 086I love seeing the old and the new residing in harmony….

2014 Boston etc 127I love the charm and elegance of the beautiful old buildings

2014 Boston etc 162and the silly exuberance of youth on a pre St. Patrick’s Day pub crawl.

2014 Boston etc 113I love the old sculptural elements on the buildings

2014 Boston etc 106and the less than elegant reminders….

2014 Boston etc 136There’s all that ironwork to enjoy….

2014 Boston etc 167and of course that eternal reminder of the ride of Paul Revere.

Yep, it was a great weekend in Boston. Weather was perfect. We had a great time and now it’s good to be back.

Do you have a favorite city?















Here on the Cape our warmer waters, especially warmer ocean waters, attract a lot of ducks from farther north that need open water to feed in every winter. Many of our ponds, lakes and bays are home to flocks of these charming and spunky little ducks each winter and are among many people’s favorites. Buffleheads are the smallest diving duck in North America and nest in freshwater areas and neighboring forests in Canada.One fun fact about these little birds is that they nest almost exclusively in holes made by flickers. They have also been known to use the holes made by pileated woodpeckers but prefer those made by flickers. They will also nest in nest boxes, not unlike our own little wood ducks.Mostly monogamous, buffleheads travel in mixed flocks. The male wears the sporty black and white while the female is a duller gray and black. There is one female in the photo above. These diving ducks seem to pop up and down in the water. While underwater they are seeking mollusks and crustaceans. In fresh water they also eat underwater insects.