In the Mary Richmond Design studio

These are busy days here in my studio. My three Etsy shops are all busy, which is a good thing!

I just mailed off this custom ink drawing to a customer on Mary Richmond Design. There’s still a bit of time left to order something special for yourself or for a gift.


This the time of year when I do a LOT of custom holiday cards featuring family and pet caricatures like these




These hand painted ornaments are my donation to the Silent Spring Institute’s tree for the fundraising Spectacle of Trees which begins December 5.


I also sell fun tags of all kinds in my Cut Out The Fun shop and lots of cool vintage in my Muna’s Treasures shop.

Please stop on by to browse, especially if you like shopping small and local!

Early spring beach walks and whale watching

There’s possibly a big snowstorm heading our way this week but for now I’m sticking with thoughts of spring. There have been some really wonderful days for beach walking and I’ve been taking advantage of them. Hearing that right whales were being seen from the beach at Herring Cove gave me a good excuse to play hooky for a day last week to go see what I could see.

I called a friend and off we drove, stopping at Fort Hill, of course.

002and then at Marconi Beach in Wellfleet

015and finally we made it to Herring Cove where there were lots of people with binoculars and spotting scopes hoping to catch a glimpse of these marine mammal rock stars.

We were not disappointed! We watched a few small groups of right whales surface feeding, spouting and diving, showing us some good fluke views before they headed back down under the waves. My camera can show you the people but not the whales. You need a bigger lens than what I have to do that!

004 For fun I’ve begun a daily series of quick watercolors with little beach inspired sayings on them. I sell these in my online shop and will be offering prints here later in the season but in the meantime I’ll be posting them daily or close to daily on the blog. I hope you enjoy your castles in the sand by mary richmond



New from my studio

I started a 90 day challenge for myself at the beginning of June to motivate myself to get healthier but also to jump start some creative ideas I’ve been fooling around with. I have about 4 children’s books in the works, a coloring book, a bunch of poems and I’m trying to get my illustration portfolio together. And oh yeah, I sell some of my work online, too, and I want to streamline that. Small things, no worries, right? Ha!

Some people suffer from lack of ideas but I think I suffer from too many. I am easily distracted, easily pulled away from what I’m working on to work on something else. The Energizer Bunny has nothing on me some days…

Anyway, here are some of the drawings and watercolors I’ve been working on.

I’ve been playing a lot with ink and watercolor so have been experimenting with shells again

008I’ve also been playing around with some pairings of inside and outside of different kinds of shells like these mussels….

023and this quahog

035I pick up a lot of feathers along the beach and wanted to try my hand at some of those. This one is a hawk wing feather from my own backyard…

029While these are gull feathers

010Right now I’m about 21 days into this 90 day challenge and if nothing else, it has gotten me drawing and painting daily again!

You can find these for sale at my Etsy Shop, Mary Richmond Design.






What’s up in my studio….

for the holidays? All sorts of things….

I am now making pendants from some of my watercolor birds and bunnies

there are round ones and square ones

and even some oval ones

There are ornaments with bunnies, too

and ornaments with birds…

For those of you who are local I will have a table selling these and more at Green Briar Nature Center’s annual holiday sale on Saturday, November 19 from 10-4. They are also available in my Mary Richmond Design Etsy shop.