Mallards are so common that we often take them for granted so it’s always nice to take a kid along to remind you to really appreciate these lovely ducks.The female is not as showy as the male but still quite beautiful in her subtle way.
The drakes are in fine dress all through the year with that bright yellow bill and shiny green head.
Mallards are easily recognizable to most families thanks to the famous story about the ducks at Boston’s Public Garden, “Make Way for Ducklings” by Robert McKloskey

Just Ducky….

Earlier this week we went out on a rainy, gusty day. The tide was high in the marshes and the birds were hanging pretty close to shore.Here you can see a group of ducks and gulls just hanging out, staying out of the blowing rain as much as they can….Hunkered down, these three red breasted mergansers sort of tell the story of the day….