What a beautiful Cape Cod summer!

It seems that summer is finally winding down but what a summer it has been here on Cape Cod.  We can still walk barefoot in the sand….
  The morning light has been quite lovely….  Even when it is foggy and a bit gray….
  There’s been time to pop the seed pods of the touch-me-not plants, also called jewelweed….  Mushrooms have been popping up all over….
  And there is still beautiful golden light to be had….  Late summer is the time of yellow….
  And Monarch butterflies…..  There may be a few last water lilies in the ponds…
  And the egrets are gathering in the marshes to feed and fatten up for long flights ahead….  There have been beautiful sunsets….
  And ice cream with beloved grandsons…..
  Building fairy houses with kids in the woods…  And watching for frogs and turtles at the pond….
  There’s been painting at the beach….  Lots and lots of bright sunny days by the sea….
  More lovely sunsets…..  Collecting things to draw….
  Teaching kids how to catch frogs and how to let them go….  There’s been painting in the woods….
 and oh, so many other things….

I love fall but am sad to see the summer leave….it has truly been one of the best I can remember….

And then at the oriole feeder….

came all the newly fledged orioles, one after another. My feeder is so busy with young Baltimore orioles these days that they are hanging around in the nearby bushes bickering until they can take a turn. There are half a dozen adult orioles as well, leading me to believe I have at least 3 nests represented. One group has 3, another 2 and one male oriole brings one lone youngster every day….

003These youngsters are not brightly colored like their parents yet, allowing them to be well camouflaged as they flit about from tree to tree, bush to bush. They are foraging for insects as well as enjoying the grape jelly and oranges. Some of them are having a bit of a struggle with balance still and they often go bottoms up! Check out that lemon yellow tail  on the underside!

002This threesome has grown a lot over the week but the first day they arrived they were very unsure about how to get to the feeder so they just waited for dad to show them how it is done. Dad was not feeding them at this time so they begged from each other…sorry for the blurry photo but it does tell the tale…



Also this week I’ve had some other visitors to the oriole feeder.

010Check out that dull brown coloration when the wings are folded. Great camouflage! But look what happens when the butterfly opens its wings….

014It is hard to see the full coloration on the inside in this photo but I got good looks, if not good photos, of this little guy and I believe it to be what is called a question mark butterfly. That really is its name, by the way, and they are not uncommon here at this time of year.

012I’ve had other butterflies visit the feeder as well but none as cooperative as this one when it came to posing for the camera.

I also have catbirds visiting this feeder but so far I have only succeeded in capturing a gray blur….

Happy July, everyone!