New on the drawing table….

It’s been a busy winter for drawing around here with lots of special orders coming in and an exhibit to prepare for….

I’ve been working on a series of owls in ink on blue gray paper….like this snowy owl

008and this barred owl….

024I’ve also been working on more botanical drawings like these tulips…

010and these black-eyed Susans…

018but perhaps most fun of all has been drawing the bugs…

003Several of these were commissioned or have already been spoken for but there are lots more coming…..







Early spring blooms…

Just thought I’d put up some flowers I found in bloom this week. Today is actually the first day of meteorological spring and I’m going with that thought…

First, here are some snowdrops–in bloom just about everywhere on the Cape this week.

and the lovely yellow winter aconite

but the real prize is a real wildflower…our native skunk cabbage. It’s an odd little plant with an even odder blossom but it’s a sure harbinger of early spring around here….

All these photos were taken this week at Green Briar Nature Center in East Sandwich.

Summer Days, Wood Lilies and Bearberry Hill in Truro

This weekend has been picture perfect here on the Cape and I’ve been lucky enough to be outside enjoying it almost all weekend long. Yesterday we headed down Cape for a long meander and while doing so decided to see if the wood lilies were in bloom in Truro.

They were. It took us a while to find them because first I had to remember how to get to Bearberry Hill in Truro. On the way to finding it we found some other wonderful places and to be honest, it was such a lovely summer day we would have been hard pressed not to find wonderful scenery wherever we ended up.  Continue reading

More Mayflowers

Mayflowers, also called trailing arbutus are so close to the ground and so early in the spring that many people never see or notice them. They can often be found along wooded paths where the leaves haven’t come out on the trees yet and where the ground is sort of hilly, dry and maybe even a bit poor or rough. Here you can see a little patch of them along a path. If you weren’t looking for them you might not see them.Here’s a close up view. You can see they barely peek out of the leaves on the forest floor.
These blossoms had a nice pink color. They can range in color from pure white to pinkish to these almost pink flowers.
Mayflowers are in bloom all over Cape Cod right now so if you’re out and around, go see if you can find some. The top two photos were from the Hathaway’s Pond trails in Hyannis the bottom was from the Skunknett Audubon Sanctuary in Osterville.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

I’ve been very remiss about posting the last few weeks while catching up on office work during all this rain. I did get out briefly with my camera last week and got these shots.

Some lovely arrowwood in bloom. This plant is fairly pervasive on Cape Cod.Jack-in-the-Pulpits are not uncommon but they are often overlooked because they are so well hidden beneath the big umbrella like leaves that shade them. They may be mostly gone by now. Unfortunately their big bloom time was during all the rain.
Bullfrogs don’s mind a bit of rain. They don’t mind a lot of rain either, especially if there are frequent enough breaks for flying insects to be up and around. Bullfrogs aren’t picky eaters, though and will eat just about anything that moves if they can fit it into their mouths, even other frogs.The omni present and ivasive multiflora rose has just about finished blooming along all our roadsides.

The blue eyed grass is one of my favorite little plants. It only blooms for a day and is so subtle and sweet.
Let’s hope all this soggy weather ends soon! Summer has begun.
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