I’m Back on the Blog

What can I say? I’ve been off walking beaches, drawing, working on two children’s books, writing essays and poetry, painting, teaching, hanging out with the grandkids and well, not posting here. You can always find me on Instagram or Facebook if you’re looking for me. My goal is to post at least weekly here once again, however, so keep checking in here as well.

Last November John and I were lucky enough to spend 10 days in  New South Wales, Australia, with his sister, Emily. She treated us to all sorts of wonderful day trips and a 4 day trip into the Blue Mountains. A highlight of the trip was seeing and hearing this kookaburra, a member of the kingfisher family that is both quite loud and quite noisy. I will post more about our trip in later posts.

I’ve been doing lots of writing and drawing. Sketching the birds coming to my feeder has kept me busy on snowy days.

There’s been a lot of beach walking at or just after sunrise…

A lot of dog walking…

and watching my youngest grandson play basketball–that’s him throwing the foul shot.

I’ll be starting a new class next week at the Green Briar Nature Center. Hit the link for the pertinent details. You’ll have to scroll down a bit as they didn’t make a direct link.

More soon!