Treasures in the Snow

It is so unusual for us to have snow on the ground for this long but I have to admit I’m totally enjoying the opportunity to go walk and explore in it. These photos are from the Murkwood Conservation Area in E. Sandwich. It’s a tiny area of old farmland overtaken by a young woodland that includes black locust and American Holly among the usual red cedar, pitch pine and white and black oaks that populate the area. The area juts into the marsh bordering Scorton Creek. There are lots of migratory birds there in season and it is not unusual to see or find signs of other native wildlife such as deer, fox and coyotes.Lots of beetle trails and insect holes in this fallen log.
There were lots of rabbit tracks around this pile of wood which is not surprising since it makes a perfect hiding spot.Pippsissewa leaves peeking out of the snow…..

And my favorite….a baby pine tree in a single whorl…..
No matter where you walk at this time of year there are lovely treasures to behold….